Board Members

Our success depends on the support of our Board of Directors and education service provider.   At Chandler Park Academy, our vision is to develop a unique community of learners where students, parents, and community members tirelessly work together to enrich and expand students' learning environment.   Our Board comprises members from a cross section of education, the automotive industry, banking and finance, clergy, the legal profession and the community. To contact a board member, please call 313-884-8830.

Barbara Wynder - President
(Member since 2009)
Ms. Wynder is deputy Court Administrator 50th District Court, Pontiac, Michigan. Previously, she served as Assistant Corporation Counsel, City of Detroit.

Charles E. Arnold - Vice President
(Member since 1997)
Mr. Arnold was employed by the Bank of the Commonwealth for 30 years.   He later joined National City Bank, where he retired as Group Vice President.

Scott Boswell - Secretary
(Member since 2004)
Mr. Boswell is an investigator for the Michigan Department of Community Health. Prior to that, he worked as a parole officer and a youth treatment specialist.

Sheldon Johnson - Treasurer
(Member since 1998)
Mr. Johnson is presently employed as a Technical Consultant for Forming Technologies Incorporated. Previously, he worked as a manufacturing engineer at DaimlerChrysler.

Carlitta J. Cabell
(Member since 2011)
Ms. Cabell has worked as an educator for a number of years as a teacher, Director of Education and founder and Chief Academic Officer of a Michigan charter school.

Kathleen Armstrong
(Member since 2017)
Ms. Armstrong is a Chandler Park Academy parent.

Michael Cheatham
(Member since 2018)

Dr. Anthony J. Shipley - Founder and Board Member Emeritus
(Member since 1997)
Dr. Shipley, founder of Chandler Park Academy, is the Retired Senior Pastor of Christ United Methodist Church in Detroit. 

Marie Inniss - Board Member Emeritus
(Member since 1998)
Ms. Inniss served as Assistant Dean at Wayne State University Law School and is a member of the State Bar of Michigan.

Teresa Bates - Board Member Emeritus
(Member since 2013)
Ms. Bates is a Child Care Provider and a Chandler Park Academy parent.