Education Enrichment Services, LLC

Education Enrichment Services, LLC provides comprehensive management services for urban charter schools.  Education Enrichment Services partners with local community groups to create new, innovative schools or to revitalize existing ones.  These schools reflect the unique culture of the community.  Each school becomes a community center and provides a safe, clean environment for children; a haven of information; an impetus for life-long learning; and a source of character and service for all.

Education Enrichment Services is continuing the Academy’s achievement in leading all students to meet or exceed Common Core State Performance Standards.  Mrs. Diane Tinsley-Fisher and Mr. Terrence L. Curry, the principal members of Education Enrichment Services, are committed to maintaining schools of excellence in which everyone is both teaching and learning continuously.

Mrs. Diane Tinsley-Fisher is the Chief Executive Officer of Education Enrichment Services, LLC. Previously, Mrs. Fisher served as Principal of Chandler Park Academy High School.  She was an Assistant Superintendent in Detroit Public Schools and also Principal of Denby High School and Dorothy Fisher Magnet Middle School.  Totally, she has more than forty years of experience in education at every level from Teacher through Superintendent.  She has provided leadership in every aspect of education including planning, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of instructional programs, human resources, strategic planning in a changing economic environment, and professional development that trains staff to be effective.  She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Education with a specialization in Vocational Technical Education from Wayne State University.  Her Master of Arts from WSU is in Curriculum and Instruction.  She has an Educational Specialist in Educational Administration from WSU.  She is a certified educational administrator in the state of Michigan.

Mr. Terrence L. Curry is the Chief Financial Officer /Chief Operating Officer for Education Enrichment Services, LLC. Mr. Curry is a business professional with over 20 years of experience working in the corporate industries of banking, finance, and investments. Mr. Curry has extensive experience in analyzing financial records and spreadsheets, reviewing corporate compliance and legal documents, as well as developing and maintaining financial budgets. Mr. Curry has participated and volunteered in mentoring programs for children throughout his career. Mr. Curry has served as an advisor for student orator/public speaking mentorships, and has served on committees within business organizations whereas the organization has provided scholarships to high-school students accepted to colleges who plan to pursue business related degrees. Mr. Curry has volunteered as a presenter for Focus HOPE-Banking on our Future in which he has taught middle and high school students the basics of balancing a checkbook, maintaining proper credit, investments, and overall how to be smart with money. Mr. Curry has been an advisor for 10 years within his Greek organization mentoring program, which teach and guide young men in 9th through 12th grade how to be responsible and productive members of society. Mr. Curry received his Bachelor of Science degree in Finance from Alabama State University, and his M.B.A. Degree from Wayne State University.