Our Mission
Chandler Park Academy delivers academic excellence, character development and leadership for the urban child who would benefit from a culturally and academically enriched PreK-12 college and career preparatory education.

Our Vision
We strive to provide the tools students need to become productive, responsible citizens capable of successfully operating in the 21st Century and beyond. This includes: Teaching students to gather, organize and analyze information Encouraging higher-order thinking, leading students to solve multi-step problems Providing access to modern technology and teaching students to effectively use it Guiding students to express themselves through written and oral communication and the arts Cultivating the ability to work well and collaborate with others Engendering an appreciation of the contributions and worth of other cultures and the acceptance of individual differences Helping students realize they are part of a society and that they must work within society's rules and structures for the good of all dedicated to transforming your child's future.

Our Curriculum
Our curriculum covers the core competencies of English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social studies, and World Languages. Also included are Visual, Performing & Applied Arts, Physical Education, Health, and Career and Technology. The Michigan Curriculum Framework and GLCE's are the driving force behind our core curriculum for our middle school program. The Michigan Merit Curriculum provides rigorous standards our high school students need to prepare them for college, post high school training or the work force. College readiness standards are strongly emphasized