Why Michigan Youth in Government? 

   Michigan Youth in Government provides students with the opportunity to learn about both the legislative process and issues that affect Michigan citizens.  By being engaged in the process at a young age, students will be able to become agents of change in the future and help create the world that they want to live in. 

Who can Participate? 

    All students grade 6-8 who fill out an applicationin September can participate. 


Students who participate exhibit the following characteristics:

  • Excellent Citizenship
  • Excellent Attendance
  • Public Speak Ability
  • Leadership Qualities
  • Knowledgeable about Current Events 

Their are two activites students can choose from before going to a conference:

  • Bill Writing
  • Contemporary Issues

Bill Writing

    Students pick an issue in the state that they believe needs to be addressed through the state legislature. They then do the research and write a bill that they can introduce, discuss, and potentially get passed into "law" while at the conference. 

Contemporary Issues

     Students are put into four-person teams in order to research, prepare for, and debate a hot topic issue. While at the conference they debate against other schools until a winner is declared.