When it comes to your child's success, Results Matter.

Here at Chandler Park Academy Middle School, we understand that your child's academic success is one of your highest priorities. We know the challenges of getting a quality education that fits the individual. Our tutoring program is a results-oriented program that increases student academic performance and we are committed to providing access to academic excellence for every student. We offer tutorial services and enrichment activities that are designed to meet the specific needs of Chandler  Park Academy Middle School students.  

We offer tutoring services for grade 6-8 in a variety of subject areas such as, M-STEP Prep, Science, Math, ELA, and Social Studies. 

Students will receive nourishment before tutorial sessions to energize them. With consistent attendance, all students are expected to increase their academic achievement by at least one grade level while a participant in our focused academic intervention program within six (6) weeks. This will assist children in becoming more confident learners in the classroom and better prepared to gain new knowledge by providing a stronger academic foundation to quickly catch them up.