CPA District | February 2021 Parents as Partners Network (PPN) Meeting

Presented by Mr. Keith Young from Ecotek Lab

ECOTEK is a science research organization made up of future scientists and engineers from major urban centers. Student scientists in Ecotek range in age from 10 to 17 and are actively interested in solving international problems through science. The students work on a wide range of science projects to understand the role science plays in policy making at a global level. Many of our research projects are tied to United Nations activities.

In 2008, a group of our student scientists did research on how Brownfields contribute to climate change. They concluded their work with a trip to Cape Town, South Africa where they did further research and participated in the 2008 GLOBE Learning Expedition, an international conference for young scientists interested in earth science systems.

In addition to Brownfields and climate change, our student scientists are working on research projects in the following areas:

  • Alternative Energy (biofuel, wind energy, hydrogen-fuel cell)
  • Environmental Conservation (water conservation, waste management)
  • Food Security
  • Healthcare

As a by product of their research, many of the student scientists visited the United Nations to speak with world leaders and to participate in debates with like-minded students about the issues facing the world and how to develop and implement sustainable solutions.

Hosted by Mr. Ken Williams, District Director of Culture & Community Engagement

Mr. Andre Anderson, Elementary School Principal
Dr. Charles Rencher, Middle School Principal
Mr. Brian Ericson, High School Principal

Formerly the PTO, the Parents as Partners Network (PPN) is a District-wide organization with meetings that take place monthly, every 3rd Wednesday at 5 PM.

This is intended to be a parent-led group, and at the meetings, you will learn about new initiatives at the school, hear from leadership, learn what parents are doing to make the District better, get parent resources, sign up to become a volunteer, and to have a fun time coordinating social events and working with other parents who want the best for their child(ren) as well.

All CPA District Parents are welcome to attend.

Meetings will be held online until further notice. Each month you will receive a link to signup. Please subscribe to CPA District emails to stay up to date: