Welcome from the CPA Middle School Team

We are ready to start a great year of adventures in learning!

Middle School is a critical phase of a child’s academic experience.  It’s when students begin to learn who they are as well as who they want to be.  Therefore, Chandler Park Academy Middle School’s mission is to provide each student with opportunities to explore their talents and aspirations through unique programs based on career readiness, social and academic skill building, leadership, and scholarship.  

Students have exposure to entrepreneurship, academic support, performing arts, and college/career preparatory classes as a part of the daily curriculum.  Students not only prepare for the next grade; they are provided with skills to prepare themselves for life. Chandler Park Academy Middle school also provides extracurricular programs that allow students to express their individual talents through sports like football, basketball, volleyball, golf, and cheerleading as well as academic endeavors that focus on politics, mathematics competition, strategy, and environmentalism.   For those that are interested in the fine arts, three levels of band, three levels of orchestra, two levels of choir, and dance are available to students. Additionally, an introduction to career trades class is open to students who plan to enter into the work-force after graduation.


All tops must be CPA polo and/or CPA button down shirts.  Shirts must be purchased from Burkes Sports Haven.  

6th Grade 7th Grade 8th Grade
Blue Shirts Green Shirts Orange Shirts

*No long sleeved shirts under the short sleeved uniform shirts. Additionally, male & female shirts should be tucked in at all times.


  • All solid Black shoes(including soles, labels, & laces)  
  • Black, navy or white socks/tights     
  • NO boots (Boots worn due to weather must be removed after entering the building)  


  • Navy Blue Pants only


  • CPA Cardigans Only
  • NO Hoodies, sweatshirts or sweaters

Jewelry & Accesories

  • Gentlemen: NO Earrings
  • Ladies: Earrings no larger than 50 cent piece
  • NO piercings of the lip, nose, eyebrow, chin, etc. are allowed for both boys and girls
  • Young ladies may carry small purses only (No bigger than 8 x 11 sheet of paper)


Please note the following:

  • All tattoos MUST be covered by purchasing as long sleeve polo or button collar dress shirt.
  • Pants must be worn at the waist at all times.  Shirts must be tucked in.
  • Large purses are NOT allowed.  Purses should be no larger than this sheet of paper.
  • Belts must be on at all times.  NO big buckles. Solid black and navy belts only.
  • All book bags must be kept inside the students’ lockers.
  • All students must wear their school I.D. around their neck.

Confiscated items (any electronic devices) must be picked up by a parent/guardian that is on the emergency card after school.  Parents of students that are not in uniform will be contacted and students will be sent home.

Course Offerings
English Language Arts Topics Across History Bus Experiences
Science Current Events Bus Tech
Mathematics Mythology Art
Social Studies Diversity of Life Intro Strings
Creative Writing Intro. to Chemistry Intro to Art
Yearbook Entrepreneurship African American History
Journalism Debate Math Lab Support
Reading Support



Club Organization Purpose Contact Meetings
Academic Games Academic Games is a series of games designed to stimulate and test student knowledge in a variety of subjects. Students develop proficiency and confidence by competing in games of Math, English, Social Studies, and Logic. Through competition, students are encouraged and motivated to sharpen their skills in order to gain a competitive edge over their peers.  Academic Games make learning fun! Sebatian Spillman


Angelic Morrison


Mondays & Wednesdays
Chess Club The CPA Middle School chess club is a club formed for the purpose of playing the board game of chess.  Chess is a game that requires intentional focus, strategy, and planning.  Students are able to compete with one another as well as other students outside of the district to test their cognitive skills and practice utilizing academic and social skills.   Charles Rencher


Diva Teens Adolescent girls need services that fit their unique needs because growing up can be challenging at the middle school age.  CPA is working hard to adapt how we reach them. This mentorship program was created so that fewer young women fall through the cracks.  Dawn Singleton

Office Manager


Kathy Aska

Social Worker

Drama Club Drama Club is designed for students interested in learning more about the aspects of theater. This includes learning stage terminology, working on acting skills, set building, and costumes/makeup design.  Heather Bacon


Monday & Wednesday
Gentlemen’s Club The mission of Chandler Park Academy-Elementary Young Gentlemen’s Club is to introduce/reinforce positive aspects of social behavior.  YGC members will learn and implement leadership skills, personal responsibility, public speaking, goal setting, and positive mannerism, to support their self-efficacy. Tyrell Dotson



Rahsaan Price

Resource Teacher

Lady Butterflies The mission of Chandler Park Academy-Elementary Lady Butterflies is to introduce/reinforce positive aspects of social behavior.  The Lady Butterflies members will learn and implement leadership skills, personal responsibility, public speaking, goal setting, and positive mannerism, to support their self-efficacy Erin Williams



Julia Ace

Academic Liaison

Michigan Youth in Government The YMCA Michigan Youth in Government program provides middle school students with an opportunity to become acting state legislators. During a three day and two night conference, they will work alongside other students to share ideas, develop their bills and grow as leaders. Angelic Morrison



Sebatian Spillman


National Junior Honor Society Five main purposes guide NJHS: to create enthusiasm for scholarship; to stimulate a desire to render service; to promote leadership; to encourage responsible citizenship; and to develop character. Students who maintain at least a 3.0 throughout their studies and participate in leadership as well as service activities are eligible for this enrichment opportunity.   Lauren Buchowski



Kaitlyn Buback


Student Council  A Student Council is a group of elected and volunteer students working together with an adult advisor within the framework of a constitution or bylaws to provide a means for student expression and assistance in school affairs and activities, give opportunities for student experience in leadership and encourage student / faculty / community relations. Angelic Morrison



Daily attendance is required in all classes.  We urge you to stress the importance of punctuality and good attendance to your student.  Parents will be expected to contact the school on each day of an absence or tardy stating the reason for the absence. 

A parent contact must be made within three days of the absence; failure to do so will result in an unexcused absence. Please phone the main office at (313)839-9886.

Excused/Lawful School Absences:

  •       Sickness
  •       Doctor Appointments
  •       Religious holidays
  •       Extreme family emergency

Unexcused/Unlawful Excuses:

  •       Traffic
  •       Staying home to baby-sit
  •       Too tired
  •       Travel
  •       Needed at home
  •       Weather
  •       Missed bus or kicked off bus
  •       Child not immunized

Consequences for Excessive Unexcused Absences:

  •       3 Unexcused Absences – Warning Letter
  •       5 Unexcused Absences – Parent Conference/Corrective Attendance Plan
  •       Excessive Unexcused Absences – Referral of parents to Wayne County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office

Consequences for Excessive Excused and Unexcused Absences:

  •       Students who accrue ten (10) or more absences within the school year risk not being promoted to the next grade.

Early Dismissals/Late Arrivals:

  •       Students will not be released after 2:45pm
  •       Students will not be admitted to school after 11:00am without a Doctor’s Excuse
  • Students who arrive after 9:00 AM must be accompanied by an adult/escorted to the office

Counseling Department Initiatives

  • Anti-Bullying Month & a Partnership with Ok 2 Say Program
  • College Readiness: annual trip to Saginaw Valley State University Touring Campus as well as annual trip to Historically Black Colleges & Universities
  • Career Readiness: Daily Career Highlight Announcements, Xello Career Assessments (formerly known as Career Cruising), MI Career Quest 
  • Field Study surrounding Skill Trades & our Annual Career Day (which will always be the third Friday in March)
  • Community Resources: Matrix Human Services

General Resources/Quicklinks 

  • Common Ground Sanctuary-24 Hour Crisis and Suicide Hotline (248) 456-0909 or 1-800-231-1127
  • HAVEN (Help Against Violent Encounters Now) 24 hours crisis (248) 334-1274 or 1-877-922-1274

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the best way to contact the school counselor/social worker? The best method to contact the Middle School Counselors is through email. 

Who do I contact if my student is having suicidal thoughts or ideations? If your child is attending the Middle School, the primary contact person is the School Social Worker. Secondary would be to contact the Middle School Counselors. 

How can I stay abreast of my student’s grades? In order to stay abreast of your students’ grades, it is best to utilize Parent Plus Portal. It is strongly recommended you attend Parent Teacher Conferences as well.



Name Position School & Office Location  Telephone Email Address 
Erin B. Williams Licensed 

School Counselor

Middle School

Counseling Office

313-839-9886 Williamse2@chandlerparkacademy.net
Melissa Waters Licensed

School Counselor

Middle School 

Counseling Office

313-839-9886 WatersM@chandlerparkacademy.net
Kathy Aska School Social Worker Middle School

Inside the Gym

313-839-9886 Askak@chandlerparkacademy.net