Welcome from the CPA High School Team

We are ready to start a great year of adventures in learning!

Chandler Park Academy High School offers each student an educational experience that is tailored to their interests and career goals.  Honors and Advanced Placement courses provide academic rigor to better prepare college bound students. Students that are interested in entering the workforce can get real life experience through our partnerships with Jobs After Graduation (JAG), Explorers Skilled Trade or through our woodwork course.  The Career Technical Education Program and Business course offerings include marketing, accounting, graphic design and web design. The student run DECA store provides on-campus real-world experience for interested students. Students are offered support and counseling on college and career choices from their school counselor, the College and Career Scholarship Counselor, and the college advisor.  Last year, the graduating class of 2019, earned over $20 million in scholarships and grants.  

The highly decorated Chandler Park Academy Army JROTC program has been awarded “honor with distinction” unit for 2018-2019.  Our dual enrollment program in partnership with Wayne County Community College District (WCCCD) allows for for eligible students to earn an Associate’s Degree.   

Our award winning athletic program features 7 varsity sports.  Our girls volleyball team are 2019 district champions, with our boys and girls basketball teams having acquired multiple conference and district championships. Students from our athletic program have earned athletic scholarships and played at the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, Western Michigan University, Wright State University, Alabama State University and many more.  

The fine arts program at CPA High School is known throughout the metro-Detroit area with the Jazz Band being frequent performers at the Dirty Dog Jazz Cafe and Noel Night.  The Soaring Eagles Marching Band has participated in various parades from Grosse Pointe all the way to Kentucky State University in Frankfort, Kentucky. 


All tops must be CPA polo and/or CPA button down shirts.  Shirts must be purchased from Burkes Sports Haven.  

9th Grade Gold Shirts 11th Grade Gray Shirts
10th Grade Navy Shirts 12th Grade Maroon Shirts

*All grades can wear white shirts (Button down only) or navy blue polo shirts with new CPA logo


  • All solid Black shoes(including soles, labels, & laces)       
  • NO boots


  • Navy Blue Pants only


  • CPA Cardigans Only
  • NO Hoodies, sweatshirts or sweaters


  • Gentlemen: NO Earrings
  • Ladies: Earrings no larger than 50 cent piece
  • NO piercings of the lip, nose, eyebrow, chin, etc. are allowed for both boys and girls


Please note the following:

  • All tattoos MUST be covered by purchasing as long sleeve polo or button collar dress shirt.
  • Pants must be worn at the waist at all times.  Shirts must be tucked in.
  • Large purses are NOT allowed.  Purses should be no larger than this sheet of paper.
  • Belts must be on at all times.  NO big buckles.
  • All book bags must be kept inside the students’ lockers.

Confiscated items (any electronic devices) must be picked up by a parent/guardian that is on the emergency card after school.  Parents of students that are not in uniform will be contacted and students will be sent home.

Clubs and Organizations 2019-2020 (Download the PDF Version) 

Tutoring To increase academic achievement by studying and by focusing on mathematics and literacy skills. Ms. Gatling & Ms. Perry Mondays and Thursdays
3:15 – 4:45Cafeteria
Marching Band/Jazz Band To promote a strong work ethic for students, while building their musical ability. Mr. Monford Monday – Friday

Band Room

Dual Enrollment To offer students experience in more advanced college courses, while providing them college credit. Ms. Sain Refer to individual class schedules
National Honors Society To organize students around service and leadership activities to promote future leadership. Mrs. Perry Tuesdays


Room 402

DIVA Teens To assist high school females in developing leadership, social awareness, and positive self-esteem. Mrs. Randle

Ms. Hunt



Room 303

CPA Medical and Health Careers Club To expose students to various careers in the medical and health professions.  Students will understand their role as potential health care professionals. Mr. Wise Third Thursday


Room 202

Michigan Youth in Government To gain a better understanding of government and how it works through writing legislation and communicating about local politics. Mr. Monteleone Wednesdays


Room 403

Eagle Ambassadors To develop character and leadership skills, as students model behavior and skills in resolution and problem solving. Mrs. Gatling
Mrs. Randle
As announced
Lady Butterflies To build self-esteem, character, leadership skills, and to transform each young lady into a beautiful butterfly Mrs. Turner Fridays




Gentlemen’s Club To provide male students with an opportunity to plan and participate in community service projects and life building exercises. Mr. Fisher Fridays


Room 102

Construction & Skilled Trades Explorer Program To expose students to the opportunities presented by different trades, such as plumbing, electrical, construction, carpentry, and many more. Mr. Wise Monthly trips as announced
Environmental Club To educate students about current environmental issues, explore the outdoors, and promote environmental stewardship within our community and beyond. Mr. Trepanowski
Mrs. Davis

7:05 AM


Spanish Club To provide students with opportunities to deepen their understanding of Spanish language and culture and to provide them with opportunity for application. Ms. Sipsock Mondays


Room 103

YES Club To provide students with information and experiences in the field of education. Ms. Stokes As announced
Fashion Design Club Promoting creativity and expressionism as well as learning to work together to prepare for creative careers Ms. Gatling TBD
To work together as a team to exceed our own expectations. We will provide a consistent high level of positive creative energy, which will allow all club members to achieve artistic goals. To achieve this mission, we will provide a friendly, positive, supportive, clean, safe and well maintained club environment. Ms. Gatling TBD
Varsity Choir To provide advanced vocal students with additional practice and instruction to prepare them for performance, competitions, and college auditions. Ms. Griffith Friday
3:00 – 5:00
Vocal Room

Course Offerings

(*=Honors Course Offered)


Spanish English Support  Yearbook 
Algebra I & II Geometry College Algebra Pre-Calculus
World History* American History Economics* Government*
AP European History  Beginning Band Concert Band Varsity Choir
Graphic Design Marketing Accounting Web Design
Psychology Biology* Chemistry* Forensic Science
Physics Physical Science PE/Health Anatomy
Environmental Science Zoology Beginning Strings Chamber Orchestra
JROTC Entrepreneurship Intermediate Strings Dance
Art  Business Technology


  • JROTC: Students have the opportunity to enroll in the JROTC program as an elective course.  In addition to the traditional school day, the JROTC program has a drill team, academic games team, a cadet challenge team, a rifle team, and a robotics team.  Competitions are traditionally held on the weekends for interested cadets, as are parades and other JROTC events. Cadets with leadership ambitions may have the opportunity to attend the Junior Cadet Leadership Camp over the summer for one week.  The Chandler Park Academy JROTC program recently received the honor of ”Unit with Distinction” from the U.S. Department of the Army. Command Sargent Major Covington is the program leader. He can be reached at covingtonk@chandlerparkacademy.net.



  • Marching Band: The Chandler Park Academy Marching band is one of the most popular programs at Chandler Park Academy High School.  The Marching Band performs year-round at Chandler Park Academy basketball games, football games, and other events. The Marching Band is also very involved in the community and performs at the State Fair, various parades, and at collegiate games as well.  Mr. Thomas is the director of the marching band and can be reached at thomasc@chandlerparkacademy.net.


  • DAPCEP: Chandler Park Academy has a partnership with the Detroit Area Pre-College Engineering Program.  Students interested in engineering, computers, business and SAT prep are encouraged to apply to the program.  It is a great way to build a college resume, while laying the foundation for a career in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math).  Students are able to take a bus from Chandler Park Academy on Saturdays to Lawrence Tech University, Wayne State University, or University of Detroit Mercy.  Mr. Wise is the program coordinator and can be reached at wisek@chandlerparkacademy.net.


  • Upward Bound: Chandler Park Academy has a partnership with Northern Michigan through the Upward Bound Program.  Students interested in engineering and considering Northern Michigan can apply to the program. Free tutoring is provided with the program as are several field trips centered on engineering. Over the summer, students in the program are able to take classes at Northern Michigan University for six weeks.  The summer program concludes with a cohort trip, free of charge to parents. In the past, students have traveled in San Francisco, Alaska, and Florida. Mrs. Addison-Sain is the contact for the Upward Bound Program and can be reached at sain-addisons@chandlerparkacademy.net.


  • Career and Technical Education (CTE) Chandler Park Academy provides a focused program for technology-based careers. The courses included prepare students for high-demand careers with a depth of learning that builds real-world skills. This program promotes and supports careers and education that provide 21st century, academic and technical skills for all students.
    >> Learn more about the Graphic Design Courses.
    >> Learn more about the Web Design Courses.

Counseling Department Initiatives

  • Anti-Bullying Month & a Partnership with Ok 2 Say Program
  • College Readiness: annual trip to Saginaw Valley State University Touring Campus as well as annual trip to Historically Black Colleges & Universities
  • Career Readiness: Daily Career Highlight Announcements, Xello Career Assessments (formerly known as Career Cruising), MI Career Quest 
  • Field Study surrounding Skill Trades & our Annual Career Day (which will always be the third Friday in March)
  • Community Resources: Matrix Human Services

General Resources/Quicklinks 

  • Common Ground Sanctuary-24 Hour Crisis and Suicide Hotline (248) 456-0909 or 1-800-231-1127
  • HAVEN (Help Against Violent Encounters Now) 24 hours crisis (248) 334-1274 or 1-877-922-1274

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the best way to contact the school counselor/social worker? The best method to contact the High School Counselors is through email. 

Who do I contact if my student is having suicidal thoughts or ideations? If your child is attending the High School, the primary contact person is the School Social Worker. Secondary would be to contact the High School Counselors. 

How can I stay abreast of my student’s grades? In order to stay abreast of your students’ grades, it is best to utilize Parent Plus Portal. It is strongly recommended you attend Parent Teacher Conferences as well.

How do I sign up for college/trade school visits?

Students can sign up to attend any college visit by signing up in the college & scholarship office.

What if I/my student does not want to attend college?

Our definition of college goes beyond attending a 2 or 4 year Institution and includes helping students who want to go into the skilled trades, the military, and/or the workforce. Our goal is to make sure that all students have a post secondary plan for life after high school.

Where do I obtain scholarship information?

We have created a google classroom that is continually updated with current scholarship information and deadlines. In addition, we hold biweekly scholarship/ essay workshops to help with scholarships. We also provide one on one sessions with students.

How do I get assistance with the FAFSA Application?

We push into classrooms to help groups of students complete their FAFSA. We also hold FAFSA workshops to help parents and students as well as allow parents and students to make appointments to provide one on one help and support.




Name Position School & Office Location  Telephone Email Address 
Shareze Addison-Sain Licensed School Counselor  High School College & Scholarship  Office 313-499-3813 Sain-addisons@chandlerparkacademy.net
Geraldine Perry Licensed School Counselor High School 313-499-3812 Perryg@chandlerparkacademy.net
Shawn Gatling Licensed School Counselor High School 313-499-3814 GatlingS@chandlerparkacademy.net