Back-to-School Resources for Our CPA District Families

Welcome Back to Chandler Park Academy District Students and Families!

We know that school looks a little different this year but we’re excited to see you safely online and in-the-building. Before we get started next week, we wanted to discuss some of the new updates on health and safety protocols in the building, curriculum and schedules, and devices, and technology.

Watch the video and use the resources below as a guide to begin the school year successfully.

Our Commitment: To provide students with the tools and resources they need to succeed. We will follow all rules and regulations set in place by the CDC to ensure the health and safety of all CPA staff and students.

Our priority: To ensure everyone is safe as they prepare and return for the school year. Following closely with all orders from the CDC and those mandated by Governor Whitmer.

Please notify your child’s school if you or your child has any of the following symptoms:

  • Fever or chills
  • Cough
  • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
  • Fatigue
  • Muscle or body aches
  • Headache
  • New loss of taste or smell
  • Sore throat
  • Daily Temperature Checks

All staff & students will be screened upon entrance. Temperatures exceeding 99.4˚ will be quarantined until picked up by a parent or guardian.

Social-Emotional Health
Our social-emotional team will be on-site to provide support to staff and students. Any support provided will be in compliance with HIPAA and FERPA.


FULL nose and mouth masks are REQUIRED for everyone entering a CPA building and must remain in place for their duration.

Social Distancing
We are requiring 6 feet distance – applies in hallways, recess, and pick up + drop off.


On-site janitorial service manages buildings and grounds. The high touchpoints (doorknobs, light switches, bathrooms) will be cleaned daily every 4 hours

  • DAILY Thorough cleanings after school dismissal.
  • WEEKLY Deep cleanings on Fridays using EPA approved sanitation products


CPA will be utilizing its existing Chromebook laptop devices inventory to assign and sign out to our students.

If you have not completed the survey and your child will need a device, please visit our website at

CPA has ordered enough NEW devices so every student can be assigned one for use at home. Devices are on back-order, parents and students will be notified when they are in.

Please contact your assigned school’s front office for the delivery schedule. Chromebooks will be distributed by grade levels at assigned doors starting Wednesday, September 2nd.

[What do I do if my device is broken/not working properly?]
If you experience any technical issues with an assigned device, please contact your school’s front office and provide your students’ name, a brief description of the issues you are experiencing, and a contact number and e-mail address in which someone will reach out to you with a solution as soon as administratively possible.

[What if I don’t have Wi-Fi access?]
CPA has partnered with Comcast Essentials to provide Wi-Fi access in order to provide connectivity of our district assigned devices. If you do not have internet access in your home, please contact the main office or visit our website:

[What platforms will be used for education?]
CPA teachers and staff will utilize Google as the Education platform, as well as additional online resources and cloud-based applications approved by the school district, to provide remote/virtual learning to our students.

Chandler Park Academy School District will offer TWO learning paths for the 2020-2021 school year. Our staff has updated student schedules so that all students both in-seat and remote learners will receive an equitable schedule that includes more opportunities for differentiated and individualized academic support.

[When will we get schedules?]
Schedules will be released to students when devices are picked up starting Wednesday, September 2nd.

[What are the TWO Learning Pathways?]
LEARNING PATHWAY A: In-Seat/Blended Learning
Students in this pathway will attend class sessions on campus, Monday-Thursday

Class sizes will be reduced to increase social distancing.
There will be limited movement between classes. Teachers will move between classrooms instead of students.

To lessen the risk of contamination, sharing of classroom materials and supplies will be minimized. Materials that are shared will be sanitized after use.

LEARNING PATHWAY B is our Virtual Learning Academy
Students in this pathway will receive all academic instruction and socio-emotional support virtually, Monday-Thursday.

Students will be expected to attend and participate in all virtual sessions as scheduled by the instructor.
All assignments should be completed and returned in the required format by the given due date.

Courses will be facilitated by CPA teachers.

[What happens on Friday?]
Friday’s will be a virtual/remote learning day for BOTH pathways. The District will be closed for sanitation and cleaning per CDC recommendations. But the learning will not stop. Students will be provided virtual independent learning tasks to complete every Friday.

[Can I change my Learning Pathway?]
Changing the pathways will require administrative approval and may not be able to be honored due to limitations. Please contact your school administrator.

[What will the classroom be like?]
Students will be engaged in lessons facilitated by CPA teachers, either virtually or in-seat. The day will include breaks or study halls in the student schedules. In addition, students will be engaged in guided practice times allowing them to get a more personalized and small group learning experience with their teachers and peers.

[How will we communicate?]
As a part of this new normal, CPA has adopted District Google Classroom for a more organized, consistent and seamless communication platform for all students K-12.

[How do Parents monitor students now?]
We will be PowerSchool and more information will be sent soon. This student information system allows parents to monitor student academic progress and attendance.

[Where will students get learning resources?]
Students will have increased access to digital resources (textbooks)


You are able to access this information on our website listed below


Beginning Tuesday, there will be free meals for all students:

The USDA has extended the FREE meal program through December 2020 (or until funding runs out for the program).

BEGINS TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 8, 2020, and happening regularly on Tuesdays and Fridays (*TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 8TH – MEALS TO BE PICKED UP BETWEEN 12:30 PM – 2:30 PM):

All our families can pick up pre-packaged breakfasts and lunches prepared by CPA Dining Services for the children in their family every week at NO COST.

We will run the program at Chandler Park Elementary until further notice, no ordering necessary!

  • Drive through + CPA will load the desired number of meals into the trunk or back of the vehicle.
  • Students do not have to be present.
  • You can pick up meals for another family.
  • Milk will be included.
  • No ID will be required.
  • You do not have to be a resident of Harper Woods.
  • Children 18 and under are eligible, as well as older special needs children.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your Office Managers who are on-site Monday through Friday from 9 am-3 pm to answer all of your questions as we countdown to return to school.

Resource Links:
U.S. Department of Health & Human Services – Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
CDC COVID-19 Link:
CDC Steps to Prevent Illness:
CDC Protect your family:
CDC Guidance for Schools:
CDC Talking With Your Child about COVID-19: