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Dr. Charles Rencher - Assistant Principal
Dr. Charles Rencher - Assistant Principal

Middle School Assistant Principal, Dr. Charles Rencher, chose to devote his life to education because of the inequitable educational systems he witnessed as a child. Dr. Rencher attended the University of Michigan and graduated with a Bachelor's of Arts degree in Economics and Psychology with a Master of Arts degree in Education. Dr. Rencher chose to further his training at Michigan State University obtaining a Doctorate in Educational Leadership. His passion is developing strategies to increase equity in education, which is why he has been an educator for nearly two (2) decades. He has gained invaulable insight, experience, research and knowledge of educational systems in urban environments and he has had proven success in reaching the potential of traditionally marginalized populations.

Dr. Rencher decoded his life's purpose early on in his educational journey. As an undergraduate student at the University of Michigan, Dr. Rencher was chosen to serve as an instructor for the "Psychology of At-Risk Youth" course offering. He cherished this tremendous responsibilty because of the significance it held to his own life experiences as a young man. He directed supplemental course studies at a local Juvenile Detention Center which provided him with a strong foundation for how to establish social support networks in learning and student engagement. 

Dr. Rencher has held various positions within the field of education ranging from classroom instructor to Director of Education for an independent educational service provider. As the Director of Education, he led, developed, and encouraged center staff to meet Michigan Department of Education compliance mandates and ensure a continuing relationship with satellite locations through student progress reporting and monitoring. He has been awarded honors such as District Teacher of the Year and Who's Who Among America's High School Teachers. His love of educating urban youth led him to the administrative track where he served as the academic leader of instructional practices related to classroom management,student acheivement and structure. 

Dr. Rencher also served as the supervisor of district-wide student acheivement and behavioral modification programs for at risk youth. With Dr. Rencher at the helm, student expulsion and suspension rates decreased drastically and student acheivement increased. Dr. Rencher has made positive gains in improving student performance on standardized tests as well as classroom assessments, and has improved graduation rates tremendously through his company. He has been recognized by AdvancEd, formerly North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement, for implementing the One Chance Program that reportedly "should be filtered throughout the entire school district."

Dr. Rencher is excited to work with CPA family in an effort to realize a mission of creating globally competitive, career and college ready citizens.